Have you been the victim of a car, motorcycle or trucking accident in or near the Poconos in Pennsylvania? The Poconos region of PA consists of the following counties: Carbon County, Luzerne County, Monroe County, Pike County and Wayne County.

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Pocono Mountains Facts & Statistics

The Pocono Mountains, which are typicall referred to as the Poconos, is a geographical, geological, and cultural region located in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania. They are an upland of the larger Allegheny Plateau. The Poconos form a 2,400 square miles (6,200 km2) escarpment which overlooks the Delaware River and Delaware Water Gap to the east, the mountains are bordered on the north by Lake Wallenpaupack, on the west by the Wyoming Valley and the Coal Region, and to the south by the Lehigh Valley. It comes from the Minsi orMunsee Indian word Pokawachne, which translate to “Creek Between Two Hills.” The wooded hills and valleys that are peppered throughout the Poconos have long been a popular vacation area, with many communities having resort hotels with fishing, hunting, skiing, tubing, snowboarding and other sports facilities.

Common Accidents In The Poconos

The Pocono mountains tend to see a slightly different type of auto accident than other parts of Pennsylvania. They have the typical rear end accidents, head-on collisions, side impact accidents and drunk driving accidents that are seen in all of Pennsylvania. The difference is what causes them (with the exception of drunk driving accidents of course). Accidents due to inclement weather such as ice, snow, sleet or other weather conditions contribute to many auto accidents in the Poconos. This is due to people going there when it snows hoping to get some good skiing conditions.

Auto accidents in the Poconos, with the exception of accidents on Interstate 76, Interstate 476 and Interstate 80 and other major roadways, tend to occur at lower speeds than in other Pennsylvania accidents. This is due to people driving slower along the mountains as well as trying to drive more attentively due to not being familiar with the area and the increased chances of inclement weather.

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