Pittsburgh Car Accident Lawyers

Have you been the victim of a car accident that resulted in serious injuries, missed time at work, pain and emotional suffering? If so you should seek the help of a skilled Allegheny County car accident lawyer as you may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation according to Pennsylvania personal injury law.
Contact our Pittsburgh car accident attorneys today to discuss your case. They offer free consultations and charge no fee unless they recover for you.

I’ve Been Injured In An Accident. What Now?

Right after a car, motorcycle or trucking accident you may feel relatively ok. That does not mean that you did not sustain injuries nor does it mean you should not seek medical attention immediately. In many auto collision cases it takes time to grasp the full impact of the crash.

In addition to the physical injuries taking time to present themselves you may not initially realize how fast medical bills, lost wages, and vehicle repair costs add up. Our Pittsburgh car accident lawyers can handle the complicated details and help you determine the full amount of damages you could be owed.

Any type of motor vehicle accident can inflict very serious injuries to the victim. Due to the violent nature of car crashes your body will need time to heal. Making phone calls, signing paperwork, and tracking down police reports may turn into a full-time job that you are physically and emotionally incapable of doing.

After you have a car wreck, there are a number of things to do to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. But, talking to insurance adjustors and filing police reports is the last thing on your mind. Our Pittsburgh car accident attorneys will help you navigate through the complex legal process after your car wreck.

The Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend

Unfortunately that is true. You may like your insurance agent but make no mistake about it, the insurance company is a business. Like all businesses insurance companies have but one objective: to make money. In most cases, they will try their hardest to give you the smallest settlement possible or nothing at all. You need an experienced Pittsburgh auto accident attorney to stand up to the insurance companies for you. Our goal is to get you the maximum settlement for your injuries.

Our Pittsburgh Accident There When You Need Them

You can trust our experienced Pittsburgh car accident lawyers to handle your case with professionalism. Our lawyers are approachable and take the time to listen to your side of the story and answer your questions. You can depend on us to give you the personal attention you need. If you were hurt in a Pittsburgh car accident and want the help of an experienced attorney with a proven track record, contact our Pittsburgh law firm to discuss your case.