Philadelphia County Car Accident Lawyers

When involved in a car, truck or motorcycle accident in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania there is many times someone else at fault. If you are driving attentively, sober and obeying traffic laws your odds of causing a car accident are slim. However, you should be concerned with the driving habits of those you share the road with. Other motorists may not be as cautious or responsible as you are. If another driver collides, slams or crashes into you, regardless of why, they are more often than not responsible for and damage or injuries you sustain. In addition to other drivers other parties can also be at fault in Philadelphia, PA auto accident.

If you, a loved one or family member have been hurt, injured or killed in a Philadelphia auto accident please our Philadelphia car accident lawyers. They will fight to will get you the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to. Our legal team offers free consultations to car accident victims and their families. In addition, they charge nothing unless they recover on your behalf.

Finding Fault In Philadelphia Car Accidents

While the types of accidents may be similar the circumstances leading up to the accident and who, or what corporate or government entity, is responsible and legally liable are rarely the same. Also, where a motor vehicle accident happened as well as what was going on in the area also helps our attorneys to figure out who is liable. In an automobile accident occurring in Pennsylvania there can be any of the following parties who are liable:

The other driver or drivers insurance company (if multiple drivers caused your injuries)

Parents of the other driver if they were minors/teenagers

Your own insurance carrier(s)

State government

Local Government

Local Municipality

Your employer

The other drivers employer

Contractors/Subcontractors/Construction Outfits

Corporate Entities/Businesses

Automobile Manufacturers

Auto Mechanics/Repair Shops

Regardless of who is responsible for your injuries and medical costs having our qualified and reliable Philadelphia County car accident lawyers on your side will ensure all responsible parties compensate you accordingly.

How A Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Can Help You

It is one thing to determine what possible parties may be responsible for your injuries. It is another to know how to properly analyze and investigate an auto accident to pinpoint exactly what parties are responsible. There is an extraordinary amount of work, research and resources that is involved when investigating an accident. A skilled Philadelphia accident lawyer will work with experts such as expert witnesses, witnesses, doctors and medical professionals and forensic accident specialists. If your case goes to trial it will be necessary to recreate the accident and examine all evidence related to the accident. Having our accident attorneys do all of this regarding your case will ensure that your injuries, medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering are properly compensated for by those responsible.

Contact Our Philadelphia County Car Accident Lawyers

It is in your best interest to consult with one of our Philadelphia County car accident lawyers very soon after your accident. Let them work on your behalf and make sure that your legal rights are protected throughout this very stressful time. They will also strive to get you the full, fair and just compensation for your injuries, medical expenses and lost wages.