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Columbia County Car Accident Lawyers

columbia county car accident lawyersBeing the victim of an auto accident in Columbia County, Pennsylvania or in the Bloomsburg, PA area may entitle you to benefits and several forms of financial compensation under Pennsylvania auto accident and insurance laws. Each traffic accident is different and so are the different benefits each accident victim may receive. You can contact our team of Columbia County car accident lawyers for a free initial consultation. With many years combined experience serving Columbia County accident victims they have what it takes to get you through this very difficult time.

Our Pennsylvania injury attorneys offer free case evaluations and charge nothing if they do not recover on your behalf. We will attempt to negotiate a fair and just settlement for you and your injured loved ones. If that cannot happen we will gladly take the liable party and their insurance carrier to court and enter the litigation phase,

Benefits In Pennsylvania Auto Accidents

The different forms of compensation an accident victim in Pennsylvania gets depend on where the accident happened, who is at fault and what happened leading up to the accident. For instance an injury victim who was driving for work may be entitled to workers’ comp benefits as well as lost wage compensation, pain and suffering compensation according to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws and Pennsylvania auto tort laws. Pain and suffering injuries aside in both cases the injured victims may be entitled to lost wage compensation, medical benefits and other means of compensation.

Pennsylvania Statute Of Limitations

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania allows for only a certain amount of time from date of injury or death ti file a civi lawsuit against the liable party or parties. Each type of case has a certain period of time and it is usually 2-3 years in Pennsylvania. In certain cases such as child sex abuse claims the SOL may be up until that person hits age 55. Please speak with our Erie Pennsylvania injury attorneys now.

Contact Our Pennsylvania Injury Attorneys

You can click here to contact our Columbia County car accident lawyers. We offer free case examinations and charge no legal fees if we do not obtain benefits and compensation for you.