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Side Swipe Accidents

PA Lawyers Handling Sideswipe Accidents

Many accidents happen in a less than a moments notice and how we react on the road can sometimes cause even more catastrophic events. When you have become victim of a sideswipe collision you could be left with anything from paint transfer, scratches, dents, a crushed and or totaled vehicle, let alone have any number of personal injuries. A sideswipe accident occurs when the sides of two vehicles, hit or swipe each other going the same direction. Commonly, being sideswiped happens on merging lanes, two lane roads, and any high speed traffic areas like highways and interstates. If any driver carelessly changes lanes without checking their blind spots, they are texting while driving or on the phone, aggressively driving, driving while drugged, impaired or fatigued it can cause an accident. Any accident or injury can leave you unprepared for what is to come. With insurance companies calling for claims and automobile repairs, medical debt, lost wages, it can make anyone anxious to accept the first offer given. That is why it is best to let our skilled attorneys or lawyers handle your claim.

Our Pennsylvania personal injury firms offer you a team of structured professionals to meet any needs in your legal process. We offer free consultations and will evaluate any claim to determine negligence. So to get the highest compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering contact our team of Philadelphia Pennsylvania car accident attorneys.

Injuries In Side Swipe Accidents

Any type of injury can occur and the ones presented here are strictly meant to be informative. Here are a few of the most common injuries associated by a sideswipe collision.

 Head trauma and brain injuries

 Neck and spinal cord injuries

 Nerve damage

 Lower back pain

 Fractured and or Broken bones

 Lacerations and or bruising

 Organ damage

Our Personal Commitment To Our Clients

Our Pennsylvania law firms are determined to get you back to some amount of normalcy within your daily lives. We will exhaust all leads and gather all pertinent documents like police reports, eyewitness testimony, toxicology reports and driving records to obtain the maximum benefits you rightfully deserve. Should your claim go to court we will be by your side in all legal matters and communicate periodically to keep you informed. It is in our best interest for our clients to challenge any offer given, to get you the most for any and all future medical expenses.

We all have a legal obligation to be responsible for the safety of others while we drive on our roads, interstates and highways. So should you or your loved ones be left injured from any accident and you need legal assistance or have questions please give our firms a call. You may contact our Pittsburgh Pennsylvania auto accident lawyers to set up your appointment today.