Trucking Accidents

Are you the victim of a trucking accident anywhere in Pennsylvania? Were family members or loved ones also hurt in the accident? Did the accident take the life of someone you care for? Are you now out of work and facing financial strain due to emergency room bills, hospitalization costs, medication and or lab test costs? If so, you need to speak with our Pittsburgh Pennsylvania trucking accident lawyers immediately as you may be entitled to benefits and compensation.

Please contact our team of Harrisburg Pennsylvania accident attorneys. They are standing by ready to help you through very difficult time. With them on your side you will know that you will obtain the maximum amounts of benefits and financial compensation for your injuries, economic and financial losses, physical pain, emotional suffering and medical expenses. Proudly serving the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania including Erie, Scranton, Reading, Allentown and Lancaster, PA.

Why Retain Our Trucking Accident Lawyers

It is very simple: We win. Our legal services will leave you very well taken care of. Our Philadelphia Pennsylvania Trucking Accident Lawyers will ensure that you are adequately represented in concerns that may trouble you. Our experienced PA auto accident lawyers will work to establish a working relationship like no other, keeping you informed, secure and ready to work comfortably. Our Pennsylvania Trucking Accident Lawyers have many years experience successfully representing trucking accident victims. Studies show that in the U.S, approximately five hundred thousand accidents involving trucks happen on an annual basis. The fatalities resulting from such accidents are significant. The number of the injured individuals is also great. The number of accidents, fatalities and injuries, not forgetting the losses makes it necessary for the trucking companies to ensure that they have maximum representation.

Tractor Trailer Accident Causes

Trucking accidents usually inflict severe, and in many cases fatal, injuries to the victim or victims. The fact is so due to the size of the vehicle, loads in transit and the drivers.  Overworked truck drivers are a primary cause of trucking accidents. Drugged driving, intoxication and drunk driving are also common in trucking accidents. The assumption is reinforced by statistics showing that majority of the accidents occur during the weekends, showing an overworked and possibly drunken driver. Speeding is another argument with the assumption being that the truck driver is hurriedly driving to get to a destination in time. Distractions such as talking on the phone, Facebooking while driving, texting while driving and internet browsing are also among the top assumption in trucking accidents.

Federal Trucking Industry Regulations

The tailor made services involve free consultations. The free consults are aimed at enlightening the trucking companies as well as the drivers on the laid down Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that govern the trucking drivers and enterprises. The consultation process involves determining which down Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations apply to who, how to adhere and the consequences of breaking the same. Some of the down Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations apply to particular locations, motor vehicles, the services offered, typical luggage among others. In that way, it is necessary for the trucking companies and drivers to understand the regulations so as to observe adherence in an effort of minimizing accidents and the losses in cases of accidents.

Our Reading Pennsylvania trucking accident lawyers, will also ensure that the clients get maximum compensation in instances of accidents. Insurance companies investigate the accidents when claims are made. The investigation results determine the amount of compensation that is disbursed. The investigations may also conclude that you are not going to be compensated. As our policy, we ensure that the client gets maximum compensation. The situation is allowed by the thorough investigation conducted by our experienced and resourceful lawyers. The insurance firms or third parties involved in the compensation of our clients is left with no chance of escaping the maximum compensation, leaving our client happy and able to move forward from the accident.

There are numerous types of trucking accidents. Our services will enlighten you on the various categories, the compensation available, legal proceedings among other concerns. Our clients pay no fees if we are unable to obtain benefits and financial compensation for them. Our policy states that, for a fee to be applicable, you have to win. The occurrence is enabled by the experienced lawyers who will give you the relevant and valid information, before undertaking trucking tasks. In that way, our clients are equipped and informed on the do’s and don’ts’ on the road. As such, there is always a high possibility that the accident occurred as a result of another party’s interference. In such situations, our lawyers will establish the cause, giving you a top notch representation, ensuring that our clients win comfortably.

Among the top concerns in trucking services involve compliance with state law in matters of; dispatches, unsafe vehicle labeled as out-of-service, pre-trip and annual inspections, loading procedures and responsibilities arising, lights, reflectors & retro-reflective sheeting, windows and mirrors, towing devices, speedometer and radar detectors, materials in transit, and other trucks components including brakes and tires, rear guards, warning devices among other accessories. Compliance with laws also covers concerns over passengers for trucking services. In cases of accidents where it is evident that the truck had an unauthorized passenger, it is most likely that the driver will be held responsible. The driver needs to know the same; an element that our services ensure is present. Trucks labeled as out-of-service are required to receive all the relevant repairs and maintenance services before they hit the roads again. The trucking company has to understand the procedures, before releasing a driver carrying luggage off the road. Dispatchers need to be safe, from ensuring that the vehicle is fit, loading process adheres to the set standards, and the driver is in condition to take a trip. The standards that a driver is set to meet include eleven hours out of fourteen hours in a day of service. Weather updates are also considerations that are vital. Where it is declared that the weather is unsafe, it will be breaking safety concerns as well as laid out laws if a truck is dispatched.

Accidents are not planned for. However, they can occur and in a nano-second may leave you emotionally, financially and physically traumatized and unable to go about your daily life. Let our accident attorneys services help you to recover from the situation by assuring you of maximum representation. Our network of Allentown Pennsylvania Trucking Accident Lawyers ensure our accident and injury clients get the best representation.

Our injury attorneys handle accident claims via contingency fee. This means we charge no fee until we recover for you.