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Drunk Driving Accidents

You didn’t ask to be involved in a drunk driving accident in Pennsylvania. Someone decided to break the law, consume alcohol and then climb back into their vehicle and drive. Everyone knows this not only is against the law but taking the lives of all other drivers on the road into their hands. You also did not ask to be injured in the accident either, but you were. None of this is your fault and none of this is fair, but now it is something you need to handle. Thankfully though, dealing with the cost of your medical bills, the cost of repairing your vehicle, the cost of missing work and everything else associated with it does not need to rest on your shoulders alone. It will benefit you greatly if you consult with an experienced Pennsylvania auto accident attorney serving all of Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading, Altoona, Erie, Allentown and Harrisburg.

Our Philadelphia accident lawyers want to help fight for you and make sure you receive the proper compensation you deserve. You might not have deserved to be involved in the drunk driving accident, but you do deserve justice, representation and compensation. Our legal team offers free consultations to Pennsylvania accident and injury victims and have handled many drunk driving accidents during their legal careers.

Drunk Driving Accident Statistics

Drunk driving accidents are very common in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In fact, they are the leading cause of traffic accidents in the United States. DUI accidents are the number one cause of fatal traffic accidents for people under 30 years of age.

Drunk driving accidents rarely happen at the posted speed limit. In many cases speeding and reckless driving are part of the accident cause. DUI accidents can be minor, severe, life changing and life ending. In many DUI accidents in Pennsylvania the driver is unharmed or they sustain minor injuries. Due to being intoxicated they react differently and are more relaxed at impact than the person, or people, they ran into.

Where Do Drunk Driving Accidents Occur

Accidents caused by being intoxicated, and even buzzed, can happen on any Pennsylvania road, highway, state road or interstate/turnpike. They can even happen on rural roads or on the property of another and can involve various types of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUV’s, ATV’s, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, taxis, limousines and boats, Jet-Skis and Sea-Doo’s. Common roads for DUI accidents are: the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Route 76, Route 476, Interstate 80, Interstate 70, Interstate 95, Interstate 78, Interstate 79, Interstate 81, Interstate 83, Interstate 84 and Interstate 99.

Why You Need A Pennsylvania DUI Accident Lawyer

Going out and hiring an auto accident lawyer can be difficult work. In fact, it can be downright frightening. Knowing who to contact, who to go through with and who can provide you with the best legal assistance possible doesn’t need to be a challenge though and you shouldn’t worry about paying money to see lawyers. After all, you already have to deal with all of these medical bills and other issues right this instant, the last thing you need to deal with are legal bills. That is exactly why we provide free consultation for your case. We want to meet with you at your convenience, discuss the facts of your case, go over everything and never charge you a cent for this. So, instead of looking into your bank account and wondering how you can afford a lawyer, we want to make sure you are able to talk with us as open as possible. That is why we never charge for these consultations, ever.

Maximum Benefits And Compensation

You should never settle for anything less than the best, and we don’t expect you to settle for something less than what you deserve. That is why we fight to ensure you receive the maximum benefits and compensation possible. We want to go after those responsible and seek out rightful retribution for your injuries, your time away from work and your damaged vehicle. Not only are we going to make sure you receive the maximum amount possible for your current expenses, but we are going to do everything in our power to make sure you receive money for possible future expenses. After all, medical expenses usually do not just stop right away. You have further checkups, procedures, doctor’s appointments and other medical requirements to make sure you are healthy. You shouldn’t be forced to pay out of pocket for these, which is why we are on hand to provide you with the rightful medical compensation.

Beyond paying for all your current and future medical expenses, the damage to any property and your loss of wages, we are going to make sure you receive payment for your pain and suffering. In the state of Pennsylvania, you are due compensation for this. It is one thing to receive money for the doctor visitors, you still are suffering from the pain. You should be compensated for this. With our Pittsburgh auto accident lawyers in your corner, we can make sure this is always possible and we are going to turn over ever rock to make sure you are compensated properly.

Never a Fee Unless We Win

You may have the thought that you might not win the case. After all, stranger things have happened, and as long as there is an opposing side, there is always that potential. Drunk driving is a serious offense, so the chances of the individual walking and getting away with their crime is slim, but we understand your worry about not only being saddled with medical bills and loss wages, but the added legal bills as well. Our legal team is here to assure you that there are never any legal fees unless you win the case. It would not be right for us to charge you money if you do not receive compensation. While we are going to do everything in our power to give you the maximum benefits and compensation, should you not win the case, we do not receive a dime of payment. That way, it is in both ours and your best interest for us to win the case.

Never Deal With Insurance Companies On Your Own

Now, dealing with the drunk driver is one thing, but dealing with insurance companies is something completely different. Insurance companies have a way of acting like they are your friend, calling you to see if you are alright, sending a smiling face to visit, all while shuffling over some paperwork they want you to sign to make sure you receive all the proper insurance coverage possible. While it would be nice to trust the insurance company, it is in their best interest to pay as little of your medical bills as possible. After all, they are in the business of making money, so they are going to typically try to reduce the amount of bills the company pays. This is just another reason why the paperwork can be difficult to follow and understand, yet when pressured by the agent, you might sign away rights and services you need. So, instead of dealing with any sort of insurance company on your own, we want to be there by your side to go over everything and to make sure you receive the proper payments and coverage from the insurance agency. Whether the insurance company is contacting you or you expect them to contact you at any moment, make sure we are right by your side. Or legal team is there to make sure you receive the best possible representation, regardless of if it is in court or with the insurance providers.

Contact A Pennsylvania Accident Attorney

Do not hesitate to reach out to our team of traffic accident lawyers. We have many years experience handling drunk driving accidents and are standing by ready to help you get the benefits and compensation you deserve under Pennsylvania auto accident laws.

Proudly serving all of Pennsylvania including Lehigh County, Dauphin County, Delaware County and Philadelphia County, PA.