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Allegheny County Car Accident Lawyers

alleghany county Being the victim of an auto accident in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania is a very serious matter. Without the help of an experienced Allegheny County car accident lawyer you are vulnerable to the insurance carriers low ball offers that do not benefit you or your case. Under current Pennsylvania accident laws those injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another may be entitled to benefits and financial compensation. In the tragic event that someone was killed in the accident their estate may be entitled to benefits such as death benefits, funeral benefits and survival benefits. Working with an experience auto accident attorney serving all of Allegheny County is a smart move. Please contact our team of Allegheny County car accident lawyers to discuss your case. They offer free consultations and charge no fee unless they recover for you.

Dealing With The Insurance Companies After An Accident

Once the accident happens and the liable parties insurance company finds out about the accident they will assign an insurance adjuster and a dollar value to your claim. It is the adjusters job to coerce you into taking their settlement offer. DO NOT accept this offer now matter how badly you want to put the entire event behind you. By accepting their settlement you waive your rights to further legal recourse.

The low settlement offer also comes with a document for you to sign saying the settlement is final and you accept their amount, terms, etc. As it takes time to determine the true extent of your injuries and what their impact will be on your life the full dollar amount of your claim cannot be established right away. Let our Pennsylvania injury attorneys review your case and determine the true amount of your claim in terms of medical care, lost wage benefits and financial compensation.

Auto Accident Settlements Vs. Jury Verdicts

Most Pennsylvania auto accidents end in a settlement that is agreed to between you and the liable parties insurance carrier or carriers. If our Allegheny County car accident lawyers can’t get you the settlement amount you deserve we will take the case to court in an effort to obtain a favorable jury verdict. Many PA attorneys do not know how to try cases in court. We do. Let us fight for you and get you the maximum compensation for your injuries, vehicle damage, pain and suffering.